Room Service - Hansa JB

22 Apr. 2019

Hansa Wave Coffee

Smelling the odor of freshly brewed coffee and hearing the whistle of 94.25 Hansa Wave when entering to Hansa Wave Coffee is what enlightens your day with energy. Our fine selected coffee beans, that is promptly grinded for every order of coffee drink, originates such an aromatic smell. We guarantee that our wide range of marvelous bakeries will satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you wanna go for fruity-fruity or fluffy creamy cakes, we freshly serve them every day with your favorite drinks.

You can caffeinate yourself with our signature Iced Cappuccino whenever you feel needing energy. We develop our own recipe to give you a full-flavored iced cappuccino topped with milk foam for complete richness. Our Iced Greentea is highly recommended for those who are not a coffee fan. Milky flavor from milk foam is just the right blend mixing with our magic greentea powder that waters your mouth. Pleasure yourself with our White Choc Frappe on a hot sunny day is a heavenly peace of mind. Our homemade Cheesecake Brownies and Mandarin Vanilla Cream Cakes will fulfill your sweet craving while sipping our drinks.

Desiring for savory dish? Tom-Yam spaghetti and Grilled Chicken Brown Sauce with rice are our signature platter. Every dish is packed with spices and our own marinated sauce making the food at Hansa Wave Coffee (Changkol Branch) so uniquely tasteful. Appetizers are also not to be missed. Crispy popped Chicken and Spicy Tuna Salad are our customers’ sweetheart of all time. Good Drinks, Good Food. Always at Hansa Wave Coffee.

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