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22 Apr. 2019

Cabaret Show

Hansa Cabaret Show performs daily in Hansa Plaza Hall of Hansa Entertainment complex. It is the first and only transvestite cabaret show in Songkhla province. Hansa Cabaret is one of the outlets of Hansa Group where talented transgender perform their extravagant scenes combining with stunning sound and lighting system. All shows are glamorous and extravagant with our own designed out fittings and stage settings presenting both traditional Thai heritage culture and international mixed performances with a glimpse of humor. Hansa cabaret show offers you every night with glittering shows, delightful enjoyment. The shows are astonishingly blended to pull out the impression from all ages.

Eleven stunning shows are queuing up every night for you to enjoy an evening in Hatyai. Hansa Cabaret proudly presents you Ramakien, one of the eleven acts, that portrays a traditional Thai mask dancing. Ramakien is creatively turned a truly Thai novel into an interesting mask dancing show to give you a very tasty touch of Thai cultural aspect and introduce young children to explore the art of Thai acts.

Hansa cabaret show is a must venue to visit for both local and international visitors; therefore, Hansa cabaret show is one of Hatyai’s appealing entertainment scenes to begin the night with.


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