Room Service - Hansa JB

22 Apr. 2019

FM 94.25

OUR VOICE IS YOUR REQUEST! 94.25FM Hansa Wave Station, all time favorite radio station of Hatyai people. Hansa Wave Station is established to purely serve listeners with full plate music and entertainment. Hansa Wave Station is your all-in-one radio tune since we play mix of music genres along with interesting chats on news update. Whether you are driving to work, sitting in the office, getting back home, or whatever you are doing. Our Djs certainly will amuse you through out your hours with greatest hits and hottest music whenever you tune your radio to 94.25FM Hansa Wave Station. What’s on… Powered by Sotus pub and BiX from Hansa Group, Hansa Wave Station provides you the meet and greet moment every time your favorite stars come to play concerts. Real voice, Real moment with you favs will pick your tune up and make you feel good! Only at 94.25FM Hansa Wave radio station, you know every song we play. Request what you wanna hear and follow our status and share your thoughts on facebook

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